Federal, State & Gov't Contractors Time Keeping & Expense Reporting 

Managing projects, time, expenses, travel and labor-driven programs can get very complicated when you add in compliance issues and complex regulations.

DATABASICS Time + Expense Federal Contractors™ helps navigate through these complications with a robust solution specifically developed to meet the requirements of the federal government, state & local agencies, and related contractors.

  • Manage contract compliance with ease
  • Ensure DCAA compliance with accuracy
  • Support audit requirements with audit trail
  • Seamless integrations reduce complexity and costs
  • Allocation of expenses to the Contract Line Item (CLIN) or other levels of billing or substantiation
  • Produce special reports for “floor checks”, missing timesheets and more
  • Supports all types of staff: employees, subcontractors, high-level managers, admins, and non-employees
  • Per diem management with GSA, CONUS/OCONUS, state department, or Department of Defense rates
  • Global localization from multi-currency, multi-language, to VAT tax management
  • Security provisions for outsourcing

Get these and more with DATABASICS Time + Expense for Federal Contractors™.