The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on FMLA Compliance: A White Paper

The FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) has been rightly hailed as breakthrough legislation for helping employees to manage their lives, without having to worry about job security. Yet it is also one of the most complicated and bewildering set of employment laws for Human Resource professionals to administer. Or, to put it another way, employee leave legislation is a well-intended nightmare.

This downloadable white paper will be your cheat sheet on FMLA compliance, including its history and how H.R. leaders can perform best practices to ensure compliance with the law. In this white paper, you’ll learn about all about the challenge of FMLA, and how your company can get use Time & Expense softwate to get benefits like:

  • A centralized employee reporting hub that combines leave management & time tracking
  • Less administrative work for managers
  • An intuitive, next-generation experience for end users and admins
  • Increased sytem flexibility with more control over available resources